Urban Decay Naked Nail Polishes Review


So I recently purchased the Urban Decay Naked Nail Polishes and I could not have been more excited! The sephora I usually go to had been out of stock for a while so when it was finally back in stock, I literally ran to it and grabbed it as soon as I saw it! When I got home I promptly swatched each of the polishes and fell in love!

The first one is Naked, and it’s a really pretty nude/beige creme polish. It’s a little bit lighter than my skin tone but I still love it so much. I find that if your skin tone is on the lighter end of the spectrum, it is a perfect nude, great for school or your work if they don’t accept bright nails!

Then there’s Sidecar, this one is a warmer pinkish beige with some micro-glitter. It takes about 3 coats to get it to look opaque and it feels a little bumpy because of the glitter but it’s fine with a clear top coat over it!

Next is Toasted and I think that it’s my favourite! It’s a really pretty beige shimmery polish with an iridescent/frosty finish. As I said, it’s my favourite because I really like the finish, I find that it’s a little bit more daring than Naked but it’s still in the nude family!

Next is Smog, a metallic copper with gold shimmer. This is not my favourite but I do like it, I think it would look good on most skin tones, but give a different effect on everyone!

Before last is Hustle, I also really like this one, it’s a gorgeous warm eggplant colour with metallic shimmer. I actually have my nails painted this colour right now (it’s the first one I tried for a full mani) and I am loving it!

And finally, Creep, this one is a black with silver glitter, a lot of people found it very sheer but I got complete coverage with only 2 coats, if you find that it’s too sheer, I think it would look good over a black polish.


I really liked the colours but Hustle (which I applied yesterday) has already started chipping (I used Sephora’s miror shine top coat) so I’m a little disappointed, maybe it’s because I didn’t use a base coat, I’ll use one next time! The other thing I didn’t love is that the bottles are pretty small compared to the price ($42 Singapore Dollars for the set, $7 each), I believe it’s cheaper in the US, but still, it’s a bit pricey for the amount. I don’t love all the colours but I would still repurchase it if I end up using all the colours. I would actually really love it if Urban Decay came out with each of the colours individually in a bigger size!

Overall: I would definitely repurchase this and I 100% recommend the set!

Let me know what you think of this set in the comments below!

See you in the next post! ♥


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