What’s in my shower?

Hey everyone!

So I am constantly looking for new products, haircare products, makeup and more so I thought I would tell you what products I have in my shower in the hope that you’ll tell me what products you have in your shower because I’m nosy like that!

First I have two body washes which I like to alternate between: the Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet body wash and the Lush Snow Fairy body wash and I really like both of them, they lather up really well, smell really strong and the smell lingers. I probably won’t repurchase them as soon as I run out because I like to change up my body wash but I may eventually repurchase them because I just love them. I also have the sephora Caramel body scrub, I like it a lot, it’s inexpensive, smells delicious and is a good scrub.

Then I have two shampoos, my regular shampoo is the L’Oreal total repair shampoo, I use this pretty much every time I wash my hair (every other day), the other shampoo is from the Body Shop, the Rainforest total moisture shampoo, I use this as a deep cleansing shampoo, when I really want to wash out everything in my hair, usually after I go to the gym or at the end of the week, but honestly, the L’Oreal shampoo does a good job of washing all the gunk out, I just use the body shop shampoo when I want a bit more moisture!

Then I have a hair mask, I actually am using this as my conditioner for now, it says it’s to be used about 3 times a week which is the amount of times I wash my hair, it works really well, moisturises my hair, untangles it, all I need pretty much!

And finally I have a Loofah and a razor, and a few other bits and bobs!

That is all I have in my shower, it’s not that much but it’s all I need and use but I am running low on some products so I would love for you to let me know in the comments what products you have in your shower (or bath).

See you in the next post! ♥


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