Lush Favourites

Hey everyone!

So I discovered Lush a little under a year ago and I love it! I actually didn’t buy anything the first two times I went because there were so many products so I wanted to take my time to look at and smell everything because there was so much to choose some so I wanted to make the right choice! Because going into a Lush store can be a little overwhelming and it can be tough to choose, I thought I would tell you what my top 4 Lush products are! This is based on my Lush experience, there are many Lush products which I haven’t tried but these are those I love for now, but if you know of a product I may love, let me know in the comments below!

My first favourite is a Christmas only product but it can be used year round if you stock up, I think it comes out every Christmas (in some stores as early as end of October) and I love it. It is the Snow Angel body wash, the reason I say it can be used year round is because it’s a very sweet, fresh but strong scent, not a specific Christmas scent. I really love the Lush body washes because the smell lingers, a little goes a long way, and they lather up really well! If you want to smell it now and can’t wait for November, the Rock Star bar soap smells the same, but I prefer the liquid one because they lather up more, but as far as scent goes, Rock Star is great.

My next favourite is also a body product and it is a bar soap this time, I think that this is a product that anyone will love that you have probably heard of… it’s the Honey I Washed The Kids soap. It smells of honey, just honey, but it’s perfect. I gave some to my mother for Christmas and she loved it, as I said, almost everyone should love it so it is a great last minute gift. I have unfortunately run out so I have to get some as soon as I can!

Then I have a face product: the Tea Tree Water Toner Water (that’s a lot of water!) I use this in the morning and on hot days, I put it in the fridge for a while and it is a great pick me up! It’s made for spot prone, oily skin so I focus it mainly on my T-zone. It has a bit of an antiseptic spray which is because it contains anti-bacterial properties which is good to prevent acne and other spots. If you have more sensitive skin, you may want to only use this on days when your skin is acting up of use one of Lush’s other Toner Waters, I think they have two others for different skin types, and knowing how great this one is, the others should be good too.

And finally, a favourite which I discovered very recently is a bath product: the Comforter bubble bar. It has a blackcurrant-cassis smell and it is amazing! It’s $15 for 200g which makes this the cheapest bubble bar, because it’s so big, it can be split into about 6 pieces, each used for one bath which I think is good. I haven’t used it up yet, and I’m rationing it of, because I’m in France right now so I can’t get another which makes me sad because it makes so many bubbles, and it makes the water pink and it’s so nice and relaxing!

Those were my top 4 lush favourites and I think they are really worth checking out, let me know in the comments below what your favourite Lush products are!

See you in the next post! ♥


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