Amika Flat Iron Review

Hey everyone!


So I have curly hair but I love having it straight so I’ve tried a couple of different straighteners in my life and I recently purchased the Amika flat iron so I’ve decided to review it here.

What it claims:

-ceramic plates for shiny finish

-floating plates for no tugging

-variable temperature (80C – 230C)

-can create straight, wavy & curly style

-quick heating time

Esthetic features:

Ok, so first of all, it comes in about 5 different designs, (all beautiful), I got the colorful “Obliphica” one which I love because it’s so bright and colourful, the other design I had my eye on was the “Sultry Lace” one but it was out of stock and I didn’t want to wait and I really like this design as well so I really didn’t mind!

What I think:

When I use it, it doesn’t seem to especially dry out my hair but doesn’t make it that shiny either so I usually use some kind of shine serum, aside from that, I really like the result, it makes my hair stick straight which I love and it doesn’t take me long to do all of my hair. Then I wanted to experiment a little to see if I could curl my hair with it, that didn’t work so well but that’s probably because I didn’t have the right technique, if you have any tips on how to curl hair with a flat iron, I would love to know! I also love that the temperature is adjustable, usually I set it to about 200-230˚C when I first straighten it (from curly to straight) then I lower the temperature for touch-ups and second day hair (from slightly wavy to straight).

Final opinion:

This is a great flat iron as far as straightening goes, curling I’m not so sure though, but I do really love it. I get a nice effect using it and I don’t think it’s too damaging but I still use heat protectant spray every time I use it.

Would i repurchase this?

Although I love it, I probably wouldn’t repurchase it because if I need to get a new flat iron, it would mean that this one broke so I wouldn’t want to get it again if it stopped working, but I would recommend this to a friend or get it as a gift for someone because I really love it!

Let me know it the comments below what heat styling tools you use.

See you in the next post! ♥


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