Top mascaras

Hey everyone!

So I’ve tried many different mascaras to find the perfect one to give me long, voluminous lashes, some of them weren’t that great, others I may be repurchasing for the rest of my life. I think I’ve finally found the best mascara combination for long, voluminous and defined lashes.


Something I’ve learnt over the years is that there is no mascara that does everything so the best solution is to layer two or three and I think I’ve found the perfect combination. The first is the KIKO Makeup Milano False Lash Concentrate Volume Top Coat Mascara, it is the most voluminous of the two and it separates all of the lashes. Alone, it give more of a natural look which I really like for light and natural makeup, it’s kind of like normal lashes but in better. There is no clumping whatsoever, even with two coats, which is great, the only bad thing about this mascara is that it’s not available in many places, KIKO is an italian brand and I get products through a friend who goes to Italy once in a while so I have no idea where you can find it. The other mascara is the Maybelline The Rocket mascara, I really like it because it lengthens and volumises, although it doesn’t give as much volume as the KIKO one. On it’s own, the rocket mascara is pretty good, better than KIKO in my opinion, but the two layered together give a perfect false lash effect with only one coat of each. There is sometimes a bit of clumping when I use The Rocket but if I do it carefully it’s fine.

What is your favourite mascara combination?

See you in the next post! ♥


4 thoughts on “Top mascaras

  1. I totally agree with you-there is no such thing as the perfect mascara but there is the perfect combination! My combination is Maybelline’s Big Eye Mascara and Mac In Extreme Dimension Mascara.I just followed your blog, I was hoping you could check my blog out and possibly follow back if you like it.

    ❤ Your New follower, Naa

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