Pampering night essentials

Hey everyone!

So once in a while, when I’m really tired and want to unwind and relax, I like to have a pampering night-in, sometimes alone, and sometimes with one or two friends. There are several things that really help me unwind and I thought I’d share them with you, as well as what I like to do!

pampering essentials

First, I close my windows and light a yummy smelling candle, currently I’ve been loving one from IKEA, it smells of apple and cinnamon and the smell fills the entire room. Then I take a nice, long, warm shower, using my favourite, yummy smelling shower products, I don’t always wash my hair, because it takes so much longer, my favourite shower gel to use is the Lush snow fairy shower gel, it smells amazing! I also like to use a nice body scrub for my skin to be super soft, right now I am using a caramel flavoured one from Sephora but I also really like Soap and Glory’s Flake Away scrub!

Once I get out, I dry myself off and slip into comfy pyjamas. After that, I make myself a cup of tea, my two favourites are Lipton’s Caramel Tea, or Twining’s Mint Tea. I like the first with milk and sugar, and the second with just sugar, and I sip on the tea for the rest of the night, I find it so relaxing and calming!

Then, I moisturise my entire body with the Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter, including my feet which I then slip into a pair of comfy bedroom slippers! After that, I like to do a face mask, right now I’m using the St Ives clay mask, after about 10 minutes, I wipe it off with a wet washcloth.

Next, to add to the “spa experience” I like to paint my nails if I’m not too tired and have enough patience! The final thing I do is slip into bed with a nice book, right now I’m reading Divergent which I am loving! If you get a chance to read it, I definitely recommend it because it is amazing! I read until I am tired enough to fall asleep, sometimes it’s pretty quick, and sometimes I read for over an hour!

I really love doing this, it feels so nice to just relax, unwind and have some me-time once in a while and I recommend doing this to everyone, it’s even funner to do with one or two friends, it’s kind of like an at home spa night together!

What are your pampering night essentials?

See you in the next post! ♥



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