Tips for a perfect mani

Hey everyone!

So I love painting my nails and having pretty colourful nails, the only thing is that I don’t have time to paint them during the week so that when I paint my nails on the weekend I want my manicure to last the entire week so I’ve picked up a few tips to make my manicure last and look as good as possible.

perfect maniPerfect mani2

First, prepping your nails is key, make sure they are clean and dry, I like to go over each nail with a bit of nail polish remover to be sure that they are clean. Then I trim and shape my nails, I like rounded nails, but others prefer square nails, it’s up to you! After that, I like to moisturise my hands with the Neutrogena hand cream. Next its time to pull out the base coat, I use OPI’s Natural Base Coat and it work’s great! Base coat is important for two reasons, first, it helps make the manicure last longer and secondly, it protects your nail from staining, a while ago I wasn’t using a base coat and my nails became yellow tinted so now I never wear nail polish without base coat anymore! Then it’s time to apply two coats of whatever colour you are using, it’s important to let each coat dry before applying the next coat for it to last longer. Next go over each nail with one coat of top coat, I like the OPI Top Coat, when I use it, my manicure lasts longer but I know that there are many good ones out there. The last step is to clean off any smudges around your nails by dipping a Q-tip in nail polish remover and cleaning off the edges.

Do you have any tips for a perfect mani?

See you in the next post! ♥


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