Favourite Nude Nail Polishes

Hey everyone!

So all school have different rules regarding nail polish, some don’t care if you have the craziest of manicures (you know, bright rainbow nails) others are super strict and don’t even allow a clear top coat. My school is the middle ground between the two. The official rule is that you can wear “natural colours” it isn’t really enforced and they don’t really care, even if you’re wearing a bright pink polish. That being said, I personally prefer wearing a nude colour on my nails while I’m in school, it makes a bright manicure that much funner, and I know I’m not the only one and that a lot of people like wearing nude nail polish, just for their nails to look really clean and shiny. The most  obvious choice is a clear top coat for shiny, clean nails but I wanted something a bit more original so I’ve been hunting the perfect nude nail polish. I’ve found a few – okay, only 3, but it’s hard, I’d rather spend the money on a fun colour rather than a boring nude – anyways, don’t think you need that many different ones, it’s just a nude nail polish, unlike foundation, you don’t need a different one for when you’re tanned and when you’re not.

Nude polishes

Let’s get started! First, I chose a cream, the other two have shimmer so this one is the most natural looking, but in the end, it really comes down to your skin tone, it’s the Urban Decay Naked nail polish in Naked, I did a full review of the Urban Decay Naked polishes here. As I say in that post, it’s just a creme nude without any shimmer or glitter or anything, it wouldn’t work for everyone, simply based on skin colour. It is obviously made for people with beige skin and a rosier undertone, but even on me (I have medium dark/olive skin) it looks nice and nude enough so I like it. Next is another Urban Decay Naked nail polish, but this one is in Toasted. I really like this one, it is a beige shimmery polish with an iridescent/frosty finish and a cooler undertone, this is good if you want a slightly more interesting polish but don’t want to stray too far from the nudes. And finally, my most recent addition to my nail polish collection is the OPI Nail Lacquer in Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey, it is somewhat similar to Toasted, it has the same finish but doesn’t have such a cool undertone, I would say it’s in the middle and I really love it. If at this point you are wondering whether you want Toasted or Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey, I would say to go and swatch the two to see which one matches your skin best, if you still don’t know after that, I recommend getting the OPI one, because the consistency is a bit better that the Urban Decay one, also I think it lasts longer and the brush is way better. The other day I was painting my nails with Naked and I was having a bit of trouble with it, I feel like the Naked polishes are a bit too thick, especially because I’m used to OPI ones which I prefer because they aren’t so thick, but colour-wise, I really love both!

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite nude polishes are and whether you would like me to do a “Favourite bright nail polishes” post, I would love to!

See you in the next post! ♥



4 thoughts on “Favourite Nude Nail Polishes

  1. blushingbeauty9 says:

    We have a no nail varnish but somehow I get away with wearing Rimmel Carmel Cupcake on my nails, I love the formula but I might try out the Urban Decay Naked polish, it looks nice!

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