Christmas Glam: Non-Beauty Gift Guide

Hey everyone!

General gift guide

So here is another gift guide, this time not beauty related, for those in your family who aren’t really into beauty!

My first suggestion is a mug, there are so many original ones out there, you can even have some personalised with a picture of you and the person you’re giving it to, or write a message or something! I like using mugs as decoration in my room, or to use as a brush holder or something. I really love those from Typo, they have really nice designs for everyone! Another option is a mug coated with chalkboard paint and you can write cute messages on it with chalk!

Next is an iPhone case: everyone has a smartphone so a case is a great gift or a stocking stuffer. I think there are places where you can have phone cases customised with pictures, and I think it’s a great, personal gift which shows that you put some thought and time into it!

Next is another personalised gift: a calendar. There are so many calendars you can get in stores, but you can design some yourself with your own pictures in iPhoto, this is great for a relative you don’t see often!

Second last is a charm bracelet, this is kind of beauty related but it isn’t makeup so I think it’s okay! The good thing about charm bracelets is that every year you can get that person a new charm! I personally really love charm bracelets because you can pick the perfect charm according to the person!

Finally is a candle, everyone loves candles! My favourite brands are Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works, the smell fills the room! The great thing with candles is that there are so many different scents that you can find the perfect one for everyone! My personal favourites are Crisp Apple Strudel and Fireside Treats from Yankee Candle. Another option – what I got my sister – is the My Favorite Things Samplers votives Book Gift Box, it’s a cute set of 12 small candles with 5 different scents! I think it’s a great gift for anyone who likes candles!

I hope this gift guide helped, let me know if you have any suggestions!

See you in the next post! ♥


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