Christmas Glam: Spa in a Stocking

Hey everyone,

Spa in a Stocking

So this is my second Christmas Glam gift guide and it is also beauty related! A Spa in a Stocking is basically a bunch of products, wrapped in a stocking, that can be used for an at-home spa night kind of thing: a yummy smelling candle, a bath bomb… for the perfect night in! I think this is a great gift for a mother, sister, girl friend… if you have a bit more money to spend, and it’s a little more personal than a gift set you get from a shop because you can pick exactly which products the person would like best!

Let’s get started:

1/ What you need

  1. A big stocking to put everything in (it could also be a nice box or a cute gift bag, it’s up to you)
  2. A body butter that smells nice (my personal favourite brands are Victoria’s Secret or Soap and Glory)
  3. Fuzzy socks for warm comfy feet (from Bath and Body works for example)
  4. A massage bar (I really like the snow angel one from Lush!)
  5. An exfoliator or exfoliating bar (Aqua Mirabilis or Buffy from Lush, or Flake Away from Soap and Glory, for example)
  6. A bubble bar or a bath melt or a bath bomb, or all three (Lush has the best!)
  7. A yummy smelling candle (from Bath and Body works or Yankee Candle)

2/ What to do

  1. Go buy all the things and enjoy smelling everything to make sure the person you’re buying for likes all the scents (especially the bath bomb, body butter and candle)
  2. Put everything in the stocking (or in the gift bag), remove all labels and write what each thing is (for example, ‘Cinders bath bomb’ on the bath bomb)
  3. Choose a pretty paper and write the “instructions”, here’s an example: “Here is a set of yummy goodies for a luxurious and relaxing at home spa evening! Start by filling the bath tub with warm water and lighting the candle, then put the bath bomb/bath melt/bubble bar in the tub. Then relax in the tub for as long as you want and enjoy the smell which I chose especially for you! Exfoliate with the ‘Buffy/Aqua Mirablis’ bar to make your skin baby butt soft, then massage yourself with the massage bar! Once you’ve spent enough time in the bath, dry yourself with a big soft towel! Once you are dry, massage the body butter all over your body, even your feet! Finally, put on the fuzzy socks, when your remove them, your feet will be baby butt soft!” (This is just an example, you can change anything or write something completely different!

That’s it, it’s really easy and it is great for your mom or someone who is often stressed but would take the time for a luxurious bath is they had the time!

See you in the next post! ♥


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