Christmas Glam: Favourite Christmas Movies

Hey everyone! So one of my favourite things about Christmas is watching Christmas movies, either on my laptop, sitting on a bean bag in my room with a mug of hot chocolate, or with my family in the living room and a big bowl of popcorn! Anyways, I decided to share my top 6 Christmas movies with you!

Christmas movies

1. A Christmas Carol: this is a pretty famous Christmas story, the version I have is the one with Jim Carry but there are so many different ones! I really love the story and how it makes you think about the spirit of christmas and feel so warm inside at the end!

2. Four Christmases: I watched it yesterday and I’m a sucker for any romantic comedy and I love that it happens at Christmas! One of my favourite parts of Christmas is seeing my whole family, my cousins, sisters… and I guess Four Christmases is about your family making you who you are and that kind of thing!

3. Home Alone: Okay, so even though there are 4, I’ve only watched the first one and I loved it! I like to watch this with my family, it’s fun and puts a smile on my face, plus I love seeing all of the lights and Christmas decorations in the houses!

4. Love Actually: Yup! another Romantic Comedy! It doesn’t have that much to do with Christmas but some parts are festive so I’m hoping it counts! It just makes me smile and feel happy which is really what I love at Christmas time!

5. The Polar Express: This has to be my favourite Christmas movie ever! I love watching it on Christmas eve with my family, and I have been for as long as I can remember!

Let me know what your favourite Christmas movies are!

See you in the next post! ♥


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