April Favourites

Hey everyone!

So to kick off May I thought I would tell you about my April favourites! (Sorry they’re kind of late it took a while to get the pictures done!) So here are a bunch of products that I really enjoyed this past month, from beauty products, to songs, to food!

April Favourites

 Okay, let’s get this started! So first is the Victoria’s Secret lip balm I bought a few months ago, which I reviewed here in February. I loved it then and I love it now! I only use it at night, partly because the packaging makes it kind of inconvenient to use during the day and because using it only at night makes it feel more special and luxurious! It smells really good and tastes sweet and moisturizes my lips perfectly!

Next is a hair product which has literally changed my hair: the Schwarzkopf shea cashmere conditioner. Every time I use it, my hair feels really soft and moisturised once it dries and I love it. Some of the other perks are that it’s cheap, you don’t need a lot at a time (and I have pretty long hair) and I like the way it smells! So yeah, if you have dry hair, and feel like you need a more moisturizing shampoo, this one is perfect!

Third is fashion and I picked one piece of clothing that I’ve worn a lot and loved this month, and it is a black skater skirt  with white polka dots from Forever 21. I got it at the beginning of the month and my eye was immediately drawn to it, I had been looking for a new skater skirt and I liked the cut and shape of this one. It goes well with a whole bunch of different tops, coloured or black and white! So that was my favourite fashion item this month.

Up next is my favourite song of the month and although there are several that I’ve listened to a bunch of times, my favourite is definitely “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, I just really like the lyrics and the tune so go check it out!

My final favourite is a food favourite! So I do gymnastics almost every day after school so I always need some kind of snack with me to keep me going and over time I’ve found that granola bars are the best because they taste good, are pretty filling and healthy. I’ve tried loads of different ones and right now my ones are the Alpen Light Summer fruits for several reasons. First, because it tastes amazing, second, because it’s full of fruits, it’s really healthy, and, these bars give me enough energy for 3 hours of gymnastics!

Let me know what your current favourites are!

See you in the next post! ♥



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