Skincare Routine – Skin Detox

Hey everyone

Until about a month ago, I was following a good skincare routine, but I recently slipped into bad habits and stopped taking as good care of my skin. Because I’m pretty lucky in terms of skin (I don’t have acne and rarely get pimples) there weren’t any major effects, but I did notice a bunch of small spots, or a start of acne, on my forehead, not very visible, but still there. That’s when I realised that I’d better get back on track with my skincare routine if I wanted to keep healthy, decent skin and avoid acne, so I’m doing just that! I also decided to share my skin detox skincare routine, that, up till now (it’s been about a week) has been working pretty well at keeping my skin in check!

Just a quick description of my skin for reference: my T-zone, mainly the nose, gets oily and my nose has larger pores, but the rest of my face is pretty perfect, it isn’t dry and very rarely gets any pimples, I’d say it’s combination to normal with no dryness. Because my skin is pretty good to start with, don’t expect this to work on everyone, I’m just sharing my tips!

Skin detox

First things first, remove makeup! I use L’oreal’s gentle cleansing milk. This obviously only applies at night but it is really important, especially if you’re wearing foundation, blush, bronzer or eyeshadow because those clog up your pores the most. It’s important to keep your face clean so make sure you really get in there with your makeup remover. I try to use the makeup remover every day, even days I don’t wear makeup, because it helps get rid of makeup and the dirt accumulated during the day.

Next step is to cleanse! I use Neutrogena’s deep clean pink grapefruit foaming scrub and Simple’s deep cleansing facial wash. Cleansing too is essential in getting rid of makeup, oil and impurities, in the morning and the evening. I recommend having an exfoliating cleanser and a normal one, using the exfoliating one every other day, or at night will help keep your skin smooth and really clean, but don’t use it too much or it might irritate you skin.

Next is toning! I use Lush’s Tea Tree Toner Water which is in a convenient spray bottle, but I’ve had other types and they work just fine. Toning is sometimes overlooked and is just as important as cleansing because it helps get rid of any last oil, makeup and impurities, as well as balance out pH levels, hydrate and nourish your skin as well as prep it for anything else going on your skin.

After toning is moisturising! I have the Olay moisturising lotion. Moisturising, like everything else, is important. Basically, in the short-term, moisturiser helps balance out oil levels in your skin. It will help moisturise your skin and reduce oiliness because you get oily skin when your body thinks your skin is too dry so it produces more oil, moisturiser will make sure your skin gets the right moisture, so don’t be afraid to moisturise. In the long term, moisturising helps reduce wrinkles, if you compare your skin to a fruit, when a fruit is dried, it is wrinkled (like raisins) but when it’s full of water, it’s wrinkle free, you skin is kind of the same, so don’t forget to moisturise your face and neck!

Finally, spot treatment! The Clean and Clear one. This is not part of the every day routine but is still essential, a good spot treatment will help get rid of pimples and spots faster as well as reduce hyper pigmentation and other marks left by spots, unlike popping pimples or just leaving them!

That is my current skincare routine, it isn’t extensive, only 5 steps. I don’t go in depth with the specific products I use because I feel like the product itself is secondary to the step itself. In my opinion, even if you can’t afford the fanciest, most expensive moisturiser, you should still moisturise! So make sure you follow all of these steps for healthy skin!

Let me know what your skincare routine is!

See you in the next post! ♥


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