Summer haul – Beauty

Hey everyone!

Usually, when I go shopping, I don’t buy that many things, most of the time, shopping is just an excuse to spend an afternoon with a friend and we buy one or two things once in a while, which is why I don’t post hauls, but over the past month or so I’ve bought quite a few things I want to share with you! Because I want to talk a little more in depth about these products, I decided to split this haul into two posts, a fashion one and a beauty one!

Here is the first part, beauty!

Beauty Haul

First is OPI’s base coat nail polish, it’s kind of a boring item but I still wanted to include it just because it’s like the 3rd bottle I’ve bought and I think it’s totally worth getting and if you’re looking for a good base coat, it helps make the nail polish last longer and avoids staining.

Next is a coloured nail polish, OPI’s My Chihuahua Bites. I was actually going to get the Live.Love.Carnaval nail polish but I decided it was too similar to Elephantastic Pink which I have, and I couldn’t justify buying it so I picked this one which has more of a reddish-coral colour. I think it’s a great, bright colour for summer and it’ll probably look best over a coat of white polish to make the colour pop more.

I got another pinkish nail polish about a week late, OPI’s Down To The Core-al, from the neon collection. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to buy it,  I felt slightly guilty buying another pink nail polish because I already have so many but I felt it was different enough from the others I have to justify buying it! It’s brighter and warmer than any other pinkish polish I own, which are on the cooler end of the pink spectrum, like Elephantastic Pink which I’ve talked about before! Overall, it’s just more of a true coral and I can’t wait to try it!

Next, a non-nail related product for a change, the Lush Santa’s lip scrub. Yes, it is a christmas product but I just got it, and that is because it is an insanely late christmas present from a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while! Anyways, it is bright red and coca-cola scented and flavoured. I’ve never tried any of the Lush lip scrubs but they seem great and I’ve wanted one for a while so I could’t be happier about this and I might do a full review of it, so let me know if you want to see that!

I also got a hair product, that I’ve never had before, the Batiste dry shampoo in the original scent. I’ve only tried it once before, when I was on a trip with some friends and one of them had it and let me try some. I don’t really remember what I thought of it so I can’t wait to try it again. I got a small, travel sized bottle to see what I thought of it and also because I will be travelling a lot within the next month and I don’t want to be carrying a big bottle around everywhere!

Last is a makeup product, the first I’ve bought in a while, the Maybelline The Rocket waterproof mascara. I already have the non waterproof version of this but since I’m running out and it’s summer, I thought I should get a waterproof mascara, and I went with this one because I know I like it! I have an in-depth review/comparison of the non waterproof version here!

Let me know what you’ve bought recently or what you recommend!

See you in the next post with part 2 of the haul! ♥ 


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