Summer Haul – Fashion

Hey everyone!

Usually, when I go shopping, I don’t buy that many things, most of the time, shopping is just an excuse to spend an afternoon with a friend and we buy one or two things once in a while, which is why I don’t post hauls, but over the past month or so I’ve bought quite a few things I want to share with you! Because I want to talk a little more in depth about these products, I decided to split this haul into two posts, a fashion one and a beauty one!

Here is the second part, fashion!

Fashion haul

First is a pyjama top, so usually I just use T-shirts from gymnastics competitions for pyjama tops because I have so many, they are really comfortable and I don’t have any other use for them, but I do like having a couple other tops as well so I got this dark blue-grey tank top with white lace from Cotton On body. I had been eyeing it for a while and my mom offered to buy it so here it is! It’s really comfortable and flattering, especially with looser bottoms so I like wearing it with the next item!

This next thing is a pyjama bottom I got at the same time as the top. I already have one like this but it’s getting a little old, and this one is so soft and comfortable to sleep or lounge around in! I really like the design and the colours kind of match the top so I really like it! They’re probably going to by my favourite pyjamas and I might end up spending a little longer than I should in my pyjamas on weekends!

Next is a black lace long sleeved crop top from forever 21. It wasn’t too expensive and I really like it because it can be dressed up or down. It can be a more casual look with a pair of shorts and sandals or on the formal side with a skirt and heels. I’ll probably pair it with the Forever 21 skirt I showed in my April Favourites, they should go really well together and make for a more formal look because of the long sleeves and monochrome colours. I’ll probably wear them with a pair of either black or white heels for a simple look

Finally, not a clothing item, but still fashion, a turquoise quilted wallet from Stradivarius! I am really excited about it, I’ve been wanting a new wallet for a while now because the one I currently have is getting a bit worn out, but haven’t been able to find a design I liked that wasn’t too expensive. This one fitted the “requirements”: it was about $20 (Singapore dollars) which as far as wallets go is pretty good, the design is nice and simple, the size is perfect, I can fit my phone, earphones, cards and money into it so I can use it as a clutch and take just that if I’m running to the store or something, so I’m pretty happy with it!

That’s all the fashion things I bought, check the beauty haul for the beauty products which are mainly nail polishes!

Let me know what you’ve bought recently or what you recommend!

See you in the next post! ♥ 


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