Nail Polish Collection Essentials

Hey everyone!

As you may know if you’ve been following my blog for a while, or even if you read my beauty haul from a few days ago, you’ll know that I am kind of obsessed with nail polish! Almost every time I go shopping, I get at least one nail polish, if not more! Anyways, I was going through my nail polish collection and thinking about getting new colours and all that, and somehow started thinking about the essential nail polish colours, so here they are!

Essential polishesFirst, top and base coat. I know this seems boring and obvious but I feel it’s really important to have both, to protect your nails, keep them healthy and make the manicure last longer. I recommend OPI’s natural base coat and OPI’s top coat, I’ve had both for a while and notice a big difference when I don’t use them.

Next, nude! I wrote a whole post on nude nail polishes here. There always comes a time when you feel like clean, perfect nails, and nude colours do just that! There are so many different nude shades, shimmery, pin undertones, yellow undertones, translucent and so many more, it’s up to your to pick what suits you. My current favourite is OPI’s Cosmo Not Tonight Honey but I am thinking about getting Essie’s Romper Room at some point!

Another staple is white, which is perfect for using on it’s own, nail art or layering with other colours. If you wear it under a coloured polish, it will be brighter and more vibrant, so it’s a good idea to use the white, especially if you’re wearing a neon colour!

Then, I think it’s nice to have a gold nail polish for when you really want to glam up your nails once in a while, or just as an accent colour on your ring finger. The one I have is OPI’s ……….. from the James Bond collection, but there are quite a few different gold polishes out there so go find the perfect one for you!

Essential polishes

Up next, a bright red! Pretty much everyone who owns nail polish has a bright red cream polish. It’s a beautiful colour that goes all with all skin tones. Depending on the exact shade, it can change a look, from classic to bold to edgy!

Following that, a neon polish for the summer! Any colour you want, my personal favourite neon right now is OPI’s Down To The Core-Al, I prefer coral or pink to bright yellow, orange or green, but I don’t think it makes a big difference, as long as it’s bright!

It’s also good to have a pastel colour, mainly for the spring, but it’s nice for any time of year. Once again, the colour doesn’t really matter, just pick one you like, my personal favourite would be purple or blue, but once again, it depends on you!

Finally, it’s also good to have a darker colour, I like Yoga-ta Get This Blue, which is a beautiful shimmery navy, a perfect colour for fall or winter. t’s an elegant colour that goes with most outfits, it’s a beautiful colour that isn’t too in your face, despite its dark tones!

Okay, I think that’s it, obviously, many people have loads of other colours, but I feel like these are the basics, those to start our collection with!

Let me know what your nail polish essentials are!

See you in the next post with part 2 of the haul! ♥ 


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