1-year anniversary!

Hey everyone!

So since it is this blog’s one year anniversary, I wanted to post something but didn’t really feel like writing a full beauty post, so I decided to write a more laid back post, discussing the past year of my blog! I’ll be hyperlinking all of the posts I talk about so don’t forget to go check them out!

Okay, so first, I was looking back at my first ever post, which was a makeup tutorial-type post for my go-to summer makeup. It’s not great, but it was my first, so cut me some slack!

To be honest, looking back at my older posts, I’m realising how bad the pictures look, I already kind of knew then, but I didn’t really have any other options. Luckily I now have a better camera, and I realise how a proper picture can change a post! I mean, look at the difference between these two images, which post would you be more likely to read?

10 Products I Would Repurchase


post workout essentials

My Post-Workout Essentials

I’m really happy about where this blog is going and, although I don’t always post very regularly or that often, I always enjoy writing posts for this blog! I think my favourite thing about the blog is that it is entirely mine and I can write about whatever I want to, there aren’t any constraints. What I love about that is that it’s a place where I can talk about everything I love to people who love similar things! It’s basically my little world!

Speaking of the content, I would love for you to let me know what your favourite post is, as well as what type of posts you like best! Is it hauls, recipes, reviews? Just let me know and I’ll try to write more of those! Also, if there’s something specific you want to see, just let me know, either by e-mail (glitterandbeauty.blog@gmail.com) or in a comment below!

I don’t think I could pick my ultimate favourite post, but I think the top few are: Pampering Night Essentials, just because I regularly refer back to it when I’m having a pampering night-in! Beautiful Bookshelf Roomspiration, because it’s different from all the others and I really love the idea! And finally, my Christmas Glam Gift Wrapping post, because I really enjoyed writing that post and wrapping those gifts, and I love Christmas time in general!

On that note, I really enjoyed doing the Christmas Glam series and got some good feedback for it so I will be doing that again this year, and try to make it different from last year’s!

Finally, I just want to apologise for the irregularity of the posts this past year, there have been very long gaps between posts and I’m trying to do better, but some periods are just so busy for me with school and gymnastics training, that I don’t really have the time to do much else. That being said, I will try my best to get posts out regularly, if possible at least once a week! Let’s see if I can get 52 more posts out between today and next July 13th!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, if you aren’t following it yet, please do, if you are, thank you again, you are the best!

See you in the next post! ♥


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