Summer Reading List

Hey everyone!

During the summer, I tend to read a lot of books because I have so much time on my hands and there are so many books that are recommended to me during the rest of the year that I don’t have the time to read! This summer, I have about 6 books I want to read and I decided to share my reading list with you!

Some of these books I have as hard copies I either borrowed from the library or bought from the store, and some books I have as audiobooks from Audible is basically a website where you can buy audiobooks, the way it works is you pay a certain amount each month and you get a credit each month, and each credit gets you one book! Also, when you sign up, the first book is free! I only recently started using Audible because I thought I wouldn’t be able to focus on the story and would get distracted while listening, but my father finally convinced me and I was totally wrong! Once in a while my mind wanders but it’s not a big deal and now I love audiobooks, they’re so convenient and I’m almost always listening to one!

Anyways, that’s enough on Audible, here is my summer reading list in no particular order!

Summer Reading List

First, The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon, I actually recently finished listening to this on Audible, and I really enjoyed it. It’s very basically as science fiction/dystopian novel based in England in 2059, where clairvoyants are considered dangers to society, the main character is a rare type of clairvoyant doing mind crime. One day she is discovered and captured, and sent to a voyant prison. You can read more about it here. I found the story really interesting and could hardly stop listening to it because it was so captivating, but when I was looking at some reviews for it I found that many people found it was too detail heavy, and those details were unnecessary. I guess I liked it so much because it was an audiobook, but I think either way, it’s a great book!

Next is Looking For Alaska by John Green. Very basically again, the story is pretty much about a boy whose had an uneventful life, goes to boarding school & meets a fascinating girl, Alaska. Putting it like that it sounds pretty boring & like a bad plot, so you can read more here. This is actually my first John Green book, I’m sorry, please don’t hate me for it. I wanted to get The Fault In Our Stars, which I’ve seen the movie of, but it was out of stock so I got this one on my sister’s recommendation and decided to get TFOIS another time, I just felt like I should read at least one John Green book!

The next book is one I’ve wanted to read for a while but haven’t been able to find, it is Panic by Lauren Oliver. It’s basically about teenagers in a dead-end town in the middle of nowhere who play a “game” called panic, where they pretty much have to be the last survivor to win, and the winner gets a large sum of money that can make a huge difference in their lives, and the story is focused on 2 teenagers in particular. This makes it sound a lot like the hunger games, but people say it really isn’t, and you can read more about it here. Anyways, I’m excited to read it, and if I can’t get the paper version of it, I’ll probably get it from audible!

Up next, Before I Fall, also by Lauren Oliver, which I am currently listening to on Audible, and am almost done with. It’s about a popular teenage girl who dies in a car crash with her 3 best friends and relives the day of her death 7 times, 7 different ways, and I am at the 5th day right now. I’ve been enjoying the book so far, but it’s definitely not one of the best I’ve read, it’s a bit repetitive, and I find the “popular, rich, white american girl” point of view a bit annoying. Apart from that, I think it’s an okay book, an easy summer read I guess!

Another similar book I want to get is If I Stay, by Gayle Forman. It’s similar to Before I Fall in the sense that the main character dies and is kind of stuck between life and death. In If I Stay, the main character, Mia, has her whole life ahead of her, until she and her family end up in a car crash, and she finds herself caught between life and death. I’ve read several reviews and it seems like a really good book, so I can’t wait to get it!

Finally, Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson, this is a thriller that my father recommended to me because I’m taking psychology as a subject next year so he said it would be interesting in that aspect. It’s the story of a girl, Christine, who wakes up every morning without any memory of the day before. I have this one on Audible so it’ll probably be the next one I listen to once I’ve finished Before I Fall!

 That was my summer reading list, even though it’s almost the end of summer, but you can read these books anytime!

Let me know what books you’re reading!

See you in the next post! ♥


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