Christmas Glam – Christmas in Pinterest land

Hey everyone!

So to kick off my Christmas Glam series this year I wanted to have a really festive, inspiring, fun post, so naturally, I turned to Pinterest, also known in my book as “A Parallel Universe where Everything is Perfect”. No but seriously though, don’t you wonder how everything on Pinterest is just so perfect? The decorations are perfect, the manicures are flawless, and the recipe pictures look so amazing. When I was explaining Pinterest to my mom the other day I just said “It’s like instagram but everything is perfect”. Literally, everything in Pinterest-land seems so perfect I don’t understand how it’s all real, and I decided to share some of my favourite Christmas related stuff here to get us all in a really Christmas-y mood – in case you aren’t already! (All of it and more is on my Pinterest Christmas board too!)

So here are some gorgeous pictures of my 3 favourite parts of christmas: the decoration, the food and gift giving, which are the three main things I’m going to be talking about in Christmas Glam! Get ready for some beautifully decorated christmas trees, delicious looking christmas foods and perfectly wrapped presents!

Pinterest Christmas - trees

I love all of these so much, just looking at it makes me feel so excited and happy! Also, can we all take a moment to marvel at the gorgeous rainbow gradient christmas tree? I think it’s my favourite, it’s so gorgeous, and I think my new life’s goal is to have a similar tree one year, but apart from that one, they all look absolutely amazing and perfect, I just love the decoration in general!

Pinterest Christmas - food

One of my favourite parts about christmas is baking, especially with my aunt, and spending time decorating cupcakes and cookies! All of these look so amazing, and the bottom right cupcake reminds me so much or the Starbucks peppermint mocha! I will obviously be posting a couple of Christmas recipes in this Christmas Glam series and I am really excited for all of the baking coming up!

Pinterest Christmas - Gifts

I love giving gifts at christmas because, first, it makes people so happy to receive gifts, second, it gives me a good reason to go shopping and spend hours in shops like sephora, and third, they can look so pretty! I really love spending time wrapping them and making them look amazing because I love coming down on Christmas morning and seeing a bunch of gorgeous gifts under the tree. Also, beautiful wrapping shows the person receiving the gift you really care and put lots of time & effort into it. Here are just a few gift wrapping ideas, and I love all of them so much! I will be doing a full post on wrapping presents, and it should be coming out next friday, meanwhile, here is the one I did last year!

I hope you are as excited as I am for Christmas Glam and Christmas itself, as usual, let me know if you have any requests or feedback!

What’s your favourite part of Christmas?

Enjoy the Christmas Glam! ♥

Photo credits: Pinterest


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