Christmas Glam – DIY Christmas Centrepiece

Hey everyone!

So I’m kind of on a roll with DIYs, with yesterday’s recipe, so today I decided to share how to make your own Christmas centrepiece. As I mentioned in my Christmas in Pinterest Land post, Christmas decorations are one of my favourite things about the holiday, they make me really excited and happy and they’re so pretty! In my family, we usually start decorating the house one the first weekend of December or the last weekend of November, that’s when we buy our tree, take out our box of decorations, and start playing Christmas music, so that’s when I really start getting in the christmas spirit!


One of the decorations I love having is a centrepiece for our dining table, I usually make a different one every year with 4 candles and we light one each of the 4 Sundays before Christmas. I love that it’s always on the dining table so it makes it Christmas-y and pretty, and I can make it slightly different each year! So here is how to make your own Christmas centrepiece!

What you’ll need:

Centrepeice- what you need

What to do:

Centrepiece - How To

1. Start by placing a glass vase in the centre of your plate/tray and filling it with baubles, try to use a variety of colours and patterns for your baubles

2- Put some of the moss all around the jar, the pieces don’t have to all be the same size, I think it’s more interesting to have some small pieces and some big pieces

3- Put some pine branches around the moss, you can put as little or as much as you like, you could even put some on top of the moss or in the jar if you want

4- To add some glitter and colour, you can use some extra baubles or straight up glitter, the baubles I used are small golden glass baubles, if you decide to use glitter, keep in mind that it might get messy

5- For the finishing touches, tie a christmas-y bow around the glass jar, and voila!

6- Alternatively, you could use candles, which is what I like to do. Do the exact same thing, but instead of putting a glass vase with baubles inside it, put 4 candles in the middle.

7- Same as with the glass vase, tie a pretty bow around each of the candles, and you’re done!

That is it, as you can see, it’s really easy and looks really great! I really like that there are so many different textures, with the moss, the pine, the baubles/candles… You can also add pinecones on top of the moss or the pine, I think they look great! And there is so much more you can change/adapt, that’s what I love about DIY centrepieces, they’re completely flexible!

If you make this, send me a picture at!

Enjoy the Christmas Glam! ♥


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