Christmas Glam – Christmas Shopping

Hey everyone!

So I went Christmas shopping yesterday, and I personally love it, but I know that some people really dread it, so I though I would share some tips for quick & painless shopping, along with some of my shopping habits, and I’m going to alternate between the two!

Christmas shopping

So to get started, here’s a quick Outfit Of The Day! When I go shopping, I like to go for a comfortable casual outfit, but still dress up a little. I decided to go for washed out blue high waisted shorts from Cotton On and a long sleeved black lace crop top from Forever 21. For shoes, I went with turquoise sandals with a small wedge heel.

My first tip is to set aside a day or an afternoon for shopping if you can. It’s so much easier to go to the mall once for a couple of hours and get gifts for everyone than to go for a half hour after work, then an hour on the weekend before going out to dinner and so on. It can also help if this day for shopping is on a weekday, that way it won’t be too crowded.

Something I really enjoy having while I’m shopping is a nice frappuchino from Starbucks. I really like their special Christmas drinks, My top two are the Toffee Nut Latte and Christmas Cookie Latte, which is new this year, and I really love it. A sip now and then to re energize is perfect! Related to this, because Christmas shopping is tiring for anyone; even for those who love it, the crowds and the noise can get to you, I recommend taking a break about half way through, or when you start to get tired, just sit down in a cafe for a while and recharge, ready for the next round!

Next tip is to have a shopping list so you know what you’re looking for and you don’t spend hours just trying to remember what you have to get for who and you don’t forget anything. Write down everything you want to pick up, even small things like a box of chocolate or a card for a neighbour. If you aren’t sure what you want to get for everyone, at least jot down a couple of ideas for each person, or the store you want to get their gift from, it’ll make your shopping a lot easier.

Another thing that has become a bit of a christmas shopping tradition for me is to treat myself to one thing, I don’t go shopping or buy things for myself that often and I love doing all of the gift sets at Christmas, so every year, I get myself one small gift set, or limited edition product from Sephora, just as a treat! If you don’t really like christmas shopping, having a gift at the end is a good way to enjoy it

A very useful thing to do before going shopping is to do some online research, this can help no matter what type of gift you want to get. If you’re already have specific gifts in mind, research can help you check whether the gift is good quality, worth its price, and whether the person you’re giving it to will like it. If you aren’t sure what to get, go to some store’s websites, have a look at what they suggest as gifts, or look for gift guides (I’ll be doing a couple in the next few days, those from last year are here and here!)

Next tip is to set a budget, start by deciding approximately how much you want to spend per person, then, once you have your list, you can approximate how much everything is going to cost. It doesn’t have to be exact, it should just be an estimation so you have a ball park figure of how much you’re going to spend and aren’t too shocked when you get home and start going through your receipts!

I also recommend picking up a few small, cute, inexpensive things, like a necklace from forever 21, a mini body wash from Sephora, a phone case from H&M, cute earphones… and other things under 10$. The kind of gifts you could give to pretty much anyone, or put in someone’s stocking, backup gifts in a way, and if you don’t end up using them, you can probably keep them for a birthday or something!

Last stop for my shopping is usually a stationary store where I get all of my wrapping supplies. I do this at the end so I know all the gifts I have to wrap and don’t end up being short of paper. I get a couple of rolls of paper that aren’t too long so I can buy several and have lots of variety, some ribbons and some pretty paper for labels.

Ok, those were all of my shopping tips & traditions, but I think the main thing you should remember is to have fun and enjoy it, even though it can be tough and stressful!

Let me know what your Christmas shopping tips are!

Enjoy the Christmas Glam! ♥


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