Christmas Glam – Beauty Gift Guide

Hey everyone!

So for today’s Christmas Glam post I’m going to give you some gift ideas for the beauty lovers on your list. For me, these include my best friend, my sister and my aunt, they all love beauty related gifts, but slightly different product types, and I think that applies to everyone, some people love eyeshadow, and others are more into nail polish and so on, so here are some ideas for all types of beauty lovers!

2014 Beauty Gift Guide

1- Anyone who’s into beauty will always be happy with another eyeshadow palette and Christmas is the best time to find gorgeous ones. There is such a large range of colours, prices and brands available, from Nyx to Chanel. I’m going to be getting an eyeshadow palette for my sister, I know she wants more coloured eyeshadows and we’ve talked about Urban Decay’s Electric palette so I’ll probably get her that, but there are so many different ones that there is probably one for everyone, so I recommend looking around, especially at Sephora which probably has the most options! One specific palette I think would make an amazing gift, also Urban Decay, is the Naked On The Run Palette. I think any beauty lover would be happy to get it, the set includes 5 eyeshadow colours, a bronzer, a blush, a mascara, an eye pencil and a lip liner: perfect!

2- This is something I don’t think people think about gifting that often, I at least never did, but makeup brushes would make a great gift. I’m giving some to a friend this year because I know she wants more makeup tools. Brushes are actually really great because they can be quite expensive and sometimes people would be reluctant to spend money on more than just the absolute basics. Plus, there are all sorts of brush sets you can find, from so many great brands, but I think my top two are Real Techniques and Mac, both brands have such amazing quality

3- Moving on from makeup, perfume can make a great present, an amazing gift set is the Sephora Favourites Scent Sampler, it’s quite pricey ($SGD 98 or $USD60), but it includes 14 perfume samples and a voucher for any of the perfumes in full size. I am thinking about splitting it with my sister and getting it for my aunt, but since it is really expensive, it may be a bit out of your budget for one person’s gift. If that is the case, you could split it up between a couple of people, as many as you would like, and maybe keep the voucher for yourself!

4- Next up, my personal favourite, nail polish! Just like makeup and perfume, there are amazing Christmas gift sets, particularly from Ciate, like their Candy Cane House, which is as set of 4 gorgeous nail colours in a cute candy cane house gift box! As I said, I love nail polish, but I know it can be kind of hard to buy for someone because it’s hard to know what colours they have, if you can, try to snoop around to see what colours they have, and what type they like (brights, neutrals, pinks, matte…) And when you see a set that seems to fit them, you’ll know it!

5- And finally, bath and body products! There are so many amazing gifts you can get in this category, my personal favourite would be a Lush Gift Box, they have so many different ones at so many different prices, you’ll definitely find something for anyone who’s into yummy smelly body products! Another plus is that they are already wrapped and look amazing, so this is especially good if you don’t have much time to spend on looking for a gift.

Those were all of my beauty gift ideas, if you still need some ideas, check out my Beauty Gift Guide from last year, and my Spa In a Stocking gift idea

Let me know what beauty gift ideas you have!

Enjoy the Christmas Glam! ♥


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