Nail Polish Collection Essentials

Hey everyone!

As you may know if you’ve been following my blog for a while, or even if you read my beauty haul from a few days ago, you’ll know that I am kind of obsessed with nail polish! Almost every time I go shopping, I get at least one nail polish, if not more! Anyways, I was going through my nail polish collection and thinking about getting new colours and all that, and somehow started thinking about the essential nail polish colours, so here they are!

Essential polishesFirst, top and base coat. I know this seems boring and obvious but I feel it’s really important to have both, to protect your nails, keep them healthy and make the manicure last longer. I recommend OPI’s natural base coat and OPI’s top coat, I’ve had both for a while and notice a big difference when I don’t use them.

Next, nude! I wrote a whole post on nude nail polishes here. There always comes a time when you feel like clean, perfect nails, and nude colours do just that! There are so many different nude shades, shimmery, pin undertones, yellow undertones, translucent and so many more, it’s up to your to pick what suits you. My current favourite is OPI’s Cosmo Not Tonight Honey but I am thinking about getting Essie’s Romper Room at some point!

Another staple is white, which is perfect for using on it’s own, nail art or layering with other colours. If you wear it under a coloured polish, it will be brighter and more vibrant, so it’s a good idea to use the white, especially if you’re wearing a neon colour!

Then, I think it’s nice to have a gold nail polish for when you really want to glam up your nails once in a while, or just as an accent colour on your ring finger. The one I have is OPI’s ……….. from the James Bond collection, but there are quite a few different gold polishes out there so go find the perfect one for you!

Essential polishes

Up next, a bright red! Pretty much everyone who owns nail polish has a bright red cream polish. It’s a beautiful colour that goes all with all skin tones. Depending on the exact shade, it can change a look, from classic to bold to edgy!

Following that, a neon polish for the summer! Any colour you want, my personal favourite neon right now is OPI’s Down To The Core-Al, I prefer coral or pink to bright yellow, orange or green, but I don’t think it makes a big difference, as long as it’s bright!

It’s also good to have a pastel colour, mainly for the spring, but it’s nice for any time of year. Once again, the colour doesn’t really matter, just pick one you like, my personal favourite would be purple or blue, but once again, it depends on you!

Finally, it’s also good to have a darker colour, I like Yoga-ta Get This Blue, which is a beautiful shimmery navy, a perfect colour for fall or winter. t’s an elegant colour that goes with most outfits, it’s a beautiful colour that isn’t too in your face, despite its dark tones!

Okay, I think that’s it, obviously, many people have loads of other colours, but I feel like these are the basics, those to start our collection with!

Let me know what your nail polish essentials are!

See you in the next post with part 2 of the haul! ♥ 


Favourite Nude Nail Polishes

Hey everyone!

So all school have different rules regarding nail polish, some don’t care if you have the craziest of manicures (you know, bright rainbow nails) others are super strict and don’t even allow a clear top coat. My school is the middle ground between the two. The official rule is that you can wear “natural colours” it isn’t really enforced and they don’t really care, even if you’re wearing a bright pink polish. That being said, I personally prefer wearing a nude colour on my nails while I’m in school, it makes a bright manicure that much funner, and I know I’m not the only one and that a lot of people like wearing nude nail polish, just for their nails to look really clean and shiny. The most  obvious choice is a clear top coat for shiny, clean nails but I wanted something a bit more original so I’ve been hunting the perfect nude nail polish. I’ve found a few – okay, only 3, but it’s hard, I’d rather spend the money on a fun colour rather than a boring nude – anyways, don’t think you need that many different ones, it’s just a nude nail polish, unlike foundation, you don’t need a different one for when you’re tanned and when you’re not.

Nude polishes

Let’s get started! First, I chose a cream, the other two have shimmer so this one is the most natural looking, but in the end, it really comes down to your skin tone, it’s the Urban Decay Naked nail polish in Naked, I did a full review of the Urban Decay Naked polishes here. As I say in that post, it’s just a creme nude without any shimmer or glitter or anything, it wouldn’t work for everyone, simply based on skin colour. It is obviously made for people with beige skin and a rosier undertone, but even on me (I have medium dark/olive skin) it looks nice and nude enough so I like it. Next is another Urban Decay Naked nail polish, but this one is in Toasted. I really like this one, it is a beige shimmery polish with an iridescent/frosty finish and a cooler undertone, this is good if you want a slightly more interesting polish but don’t want to stray too far from the nudes. And finally, my most recent addition to my nail polish collection is the OPI Nail Lacquer in Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey, it is somewhat similar to Toasted, it has the same finish but doesn’t have such a cool undertone, I would say it’s in the middle and I really love it. If at this point you are wondering whether you want Toasted or Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey, I would say to go and swatch the two to see which one matches your skin best, if you still don’t know after that, I recommend getting the OPI one, because the consistency is a bit better that the Urban Decay one, also I think it lasts longer and the brush is way better. The other day I was painting my nails with Naked and I was having a bit of trouble with it, I feel like the Naked polishes are a bit too thick, especially because I’m used to OPI ones which I prefer because they aren’t so thick, but colour-wise, I really love both!

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite nude polishes are and whether you would like me to do a “Favourite bright nail polishes” post, I would love to!

See you in the next post! ♥


Tips for a perfect mani

Hey everyone!

So I love painting my nails and having pretty colourful nails, the only thing is that I don’t have time to paint them during the week so that when I paint my nails on the weekend I want my manicure to last the entire week so I’ve picked up a few tips to make my manicure last and look as good as possible.

perfect maniPerfect mani2

First, prepping your nails is key, make sure they are clean and dry, I like to go over each nail with a bit of nail polish remover to be sure that they are clean. Then I trim and shape my nails, I like rounded nails, but others prefer square nails, it’s up to you! After that, I like to moisturise my hands with the Neutrogena hand cream. Next its time to pull out the base coat, I use OPI’s Natural Base Coat and it work’s great! Base coat is important for two reasons, first, it helps make the manicure last longer and secondly, it protects your nail from staining, a while ago I wasn’t using a base coat and my nails became yellow tinted so now I never wear nail polish without base coat anymore! Then it’s time to apply two coats of whatever colour you are using, it’s important to let each coat dry before applying the next coat for it to last longer. Next go over each nail with one coat of top coat, I like the OPI Top Coat, when I use it, my manicure lasts longer but I know that there are many good ones out there. The last step is to clean off any smudges around your nails by dipping a Q-tip in nail polish remover and cleaning off the edges.

Do you have any tips for a perfect mani?

See you in the next post! ♥

NOTD: Golden Glam

Hey everyone!

So I went out the other night and I felt like doing a creative and colourful mani that wouldn’t take too long to do, so I looked at my different nail polish colours and picked my favourite bright and glittery ones and started looking for two that went well together. I eventually fell in love with the combination of OPI’s Elephantastic Pink (which I have raved about and love so much) and OPI’s Goldeneye from the James Bond collection. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to do alternate nails or just an accent ring finger, so I asked my sister and she immediately said the ring finger accent, so I painted all my nail in gold, except for my ring finger which I painted in pink. I got so many compliments on my nails so I felt like I had to show a picture on my blog!


Just a quick general tip for manicures, I love doing all fingers one colour and then the ring finger either a slightly darker/lighter colour and I do that almost all of the time, this was just a bit more out of the box for me because they were both bright colours but it worked out great!

By the way, I am wearing OPI’s Natural Base coat and OPI’s Clear Top Coat…. wow, that’s a lot of OPI!!

Let me know what manicure you’ve been loving recently!

See you in the next post! ♥

Urban Decay Naked Nail Polishes Review


So I recently purchased the Urban Decay Naked Nail Polishes and I could not have been more excited! The sephora I usually go to had been out of stock for a while so when it was finally back in stock, I literally ran to it and grabbed it as soon as I saw it! When I got home I promptly swatched each of the polishes and fell in love!

The first one is Naked, and it’s a really pretty nude/beige creme polish. It’s a little bit lighter than my skin tone but I still love it so much. I find that if your skin tone is on the lighter end of the spectrum, it is a perfect nude, great for school or your work if they don’t accept bright nails!

Then there’s Sidecar, this one is a warmer pinkish beige with some micro-glitter. It takes about 3 coats to get it to look opaque and it feels a little bumpy because of the glitter but it’s fine with a clear top coat over it!

Next is Toasted and I think that it’s my favourite! It’s a really pretty beige shimmery polish with an iridescent/frosty finish. As I said, it’s my favourite because I really like the finish, I find that it’s a little bit more daring than Naked but it’s still in the nude family!

Next is Smog, a metallic copper with gold shimmer. This is not my favourite but I do like it, I think it would look good on most skin tones, but give a different effect on everyone!

Before last is Hustle, I also really like this one, it’s a gorgeous warm eggplant colour with metallic shimmer. I actually have my nails painted this colour right now (it’s the first one I tried for a full mani) and I am loving it!

And finally, Creep, this one is a black with silver glitter, a lot of people found it very sheer but I got complete coverage with only 2 coats, if you find that it’s too sheer, I think it would look good over a black polish.


I really liked the colours but Hustle (which I applied yesterday) has already started chipping (I used Sephora’s miror shine top coat) so I’m a little disappointed, maybe it’s because I didn’t use a base coat, I’ll use one next time! The other thing I didn’t love is that the bottles are pretty small compared to the price ($42 Singapore Dollars for the set, $7 each), I believe it’s cheaper in the US, but still, it’s a bit pricey for the amount. I don’t love all the colours but I would still repurchase it if I end up using all the colours. I would actually really love it if Urban Decay came out with each of the colours individually in a bigger size!

Overall: I would definitely repurchase this and I 100% recommend the set!

Let me know what you think of this set in the comments below!

See you in the next post! ♥