Christmas Glam – General Gift Guide

Hey everyone!

So yesterday I posted a beauty gift guide with a bunch of ideas for the beauty lovers in your life, but obviously, those gift ideas wouldn’t suit everyone on your list so here are a few non beauty related present ideas for different types of people!

General Gift Guide1- So my first suggestion is a tea set, not the actual tea, but the dining set. This would be great for anyone who likes to make cookies or cupcakes and serving really nice tea! I will probably be getting a set of tea cups, plates, and a 3-tier platter/serving thing for my aunt, because I know she would really like that. A great thing with this type of gift is that there are so many different designs, you can have fun looking for one the person would really like!

2- Next up and on the same theme is cooking tools, within this category there are so many different options at a range of prices, from a set of cute measuring spoons to a brand new Kitchen Aid. I love baking so I would love to receive anything baking related: a new recipe book, measuring spoons, a gift card to a cake decoration store and so on. My dad loves to cook, and he doesn’t have an apron and I know he would like that, my aunt recently bought a new Kitchen Aid, because the one she had before was broken, but it makes a great gift if you’re feeling very generous. One year I received a set of decorations for cupcakes and I really loved that, so those are some options for those who love to cook!

3- A really easy gift for someone you don’t really know, for a secret santa for example, is an iTunes gift card, these are really great because they will almost definitely be used since iTunes has music, games and movies, which, who doesn’t love to get at least one of those for free! And the fact that it’s a gift card makes the price completely flexible to fit any budget

4- One gift I loved receiving when I was younger was board games, so if you’re looking for a gift for someone younger, they’re always a great option. Some of my favourites are Monopoly, Taboo and Uno, those are the only ones I can think of right now but there are so many others, and there are also some great ones for teens, Cards Against Humanity is a great one, my sister got it and it’s so much fun!

5- And finally, a DIY gift idea: a scrapbook. This is great if you want to and have the time to make something. I have a lot of fun picking out pictures, and papers and then putting it all together. A great thing about scrapbooks is that you can make them for a sibling, a parent, a friend… it just really depends on what you write and what pictures you pick!

I hope this gift guide helped, check out my general gift guide or beauty gift guide from last year for more suggestions!

Let me know if you have any gift ideas!

Enjoy the Christmas Glam! ♥