Christmas Glam – Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

Hey everyone!

So I’ve done a Beauty Gift Guide and a General Gift Guide, which you should check out if you still need to find a few gifts for some people but are stuck for ideas, today’s post is also a gift guide: Stocking Stuffers. I’m saying it’s stocking stuffers, but these gifts don’t actually have to be given as such, they could just be small gifts under the tree or for secret santa.

Stocking Stuffers

Nail polish is great in a stocking, just one bottle, mini or full sized, is always appreciated by any beauty lover, and even more by nail polish addicts like me! I always get nail polish in my stocking and it’s often from a different brand than I usually use, like OPI or Ciaté which I really like because that way I’ve found really nice new brands and colours!

Next up, coffee capsules, I think that this is a somewhat unusual gift that would be appreciated. So many people have coffee machines that use coffee capsules, from brands like Keurig or Nespresso, and buying a box of capsules every week or so can add up to a lot, so what you could do, and what I’m doing, is buying a few boxes, taking out the capsules and putting them in a stocking. If they don’t all fit, put some in the stocking, then seal back the box with double sided tape and wrap it.

Third idea is a phone case, almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and has a phone case to go with it, but I think anyone would love an extra case, just to change it up once in a while, and the good thing is that there are so many different designs to choose from depending on the person’s taste, my personal favourite go-to brand is Typo

Another thing any girl would like is a lip balm. Like everything else pretty much, there are so many different ones out there, different scents, flavours, tints and so on!

Next, a bracelet or pair of earrings, not a super fancy piece of jewellery from Tiffany’s or anything, but a cute, inexpensive bracelet or pair of earrings is always nice!

And finally, candy is one of the best stocking stuffers! There are so many different types of candy at christmas, my personal favourite is chocolate, but there’s also candy canes and so much more!

I hope this helps, let me know what your top stocking stuffers are, if you want more, check out the stocking stuffer gift guide from last year!

Enjoy the Christmas Glam! ♥


Christmas Glam: Stocking Stuffers

Hey everyone!

I hope you’ve been enjoying Christmas Glam! Today is another gift guide and it is Stocking Stuffers!

Stocking Stuffers

My first suggestion is fuzzy socks, I know socks isn’t the most exciting gift but I think if it’s fuzzy socks in a stocking it can be a really nice! I saw some at forever 21 the other day and I also know that Bath and Body Works in the US has them and I feel like Cotton On might have some but I’m not so sure! Anyways, I think anyone would appreciate comfy, fuzzy socks in their stocking!

Next is a small candle, not a tea-light candle but a small candle from Yankee candle or Bath and Body Works, both brands have small yummy smelling candles that aren’t too expensive and nice to receive!

Nail polish is also another nice thing to have in your stocking! There is always the right colour for whoever you’re giving to and there are so many brands: Essie, OPI, China Glaze, Butter London, Ciate… and so many more!

Next is something I’ve already mentioned: a phone (or iPod) case, I’m sure you can find one that the person would like!

Another thing I think is nice to put in stockings is earphones, personally mine always stop working after a while so I can never have too many, and earphones aren’t very hard to find or expensive!

Second last is a lip balm, everyone loves a lip balm, even if the person you’re giving to isn’t into beauty, they will appreciate a lip balm! There are so many lip balms, my only suggestion is to pick one that smells or tastes really nice!

My final suggestion isn’t that original but I just had to include it and it is candy! Everyone loves christmas candy: chocolate, candy canes… I personally always get candy in my stocking and I love it!

I hope this giveaway helped! Let me know if you have any stocking stuffer suggestions!

See you in the next post! ♥